God´s Own

God´s Own

the people of Israel. Theirs is the adoption as sons; theirs the divine glory, the covenants, the receiving of the law, the temple worship and the promises.  Romans 9:4  NIV

Christians are supposed to be God´s very own people.  We have the calling.  We have the promises.  We have the Word.  All the glory of Heaven above is held out for us to experience.  We have the privilege of worshipping in beautiful places.  And our God is amazing.  Even though we have been given so much already, is there still so much more that could be ours in Christ, if we would only press closer to our Lord and actively seek Him?

The great spiritual teachers, the ones that we read for inspiration in our daily devotions, would encourage us onward.  Prophet and Scripture would have us each one, hungry for more of our Lord.  Jesus Himself tries endlessly to show us the Way forward.  Christ would have us each searching our hearts every day to find more in us that we could bring to God.  (Matthew 5:6)  So what are we waiting for?  Shall we run to our knees?  Shall we seek to be alone with our God?  Shall we give Way to our aching hearts?  Shall we let the Spirit lead us into the wilderness of loneliness and trials until we learn what true hunger and true thirst can work for us?  Shall we let ourselves be ravaged by such a strong desire after our Lord, that He can move mountains again and work wonders in and around us?  Shall we become God´s people not by name alone, but by our need for and love for our Lord?

Dear Lord,

Let us to hunger after You as Your very own children we pray!


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