God´s Purpose

God´s Purpose

Yet, before the twins were born or had done anything good or bad–in order that God’s purpose in election might stand:  Romans 9:11  NIV

We do not begin to take any steps closer to God until we get one thing straight.  God´s creation, which we form a considerable part, is His.  We are His design.  We are His invention.  We are His pleasure.  We are His delight.  Unfortunately much of the time we can also be His concern.  We can also be a problem to Him.  We can be stubborn, distant, and selfish.  But the bottom line is that our world and our lives are ultimately made by, sustained, and redeemed by Him.  All is done for His purpose!  God is at work!  Are we close enough to the Lord to be confided in and shared with as God sees out His purposes in us and around us today?

It is usually easier to see how God has ordained, orchestrated and led us when we look into the past.  As we gaze back and contemplate the path the Lord has chosen to bring us closer to Him, we can see more clearly how He has seen His purpose played out.  But what we may want to learn from looking back is that He is most certainly carrying out His plans for us now.  Shall we pray that we are close and confided participants in God´s purposes today?  Shall we ask that we are made aware enough to join Him?

Dear Lord,

We often forget that the struggles we face are part of our upbringing.  Please let us walk close enough with You today that we can see where You are working and gladly join You in Your efforts to bring all Your children home to be with You!



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