Effort And Desire

Effort And Desire

It does not, therefore, depend on man’s desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.  Romans 9:16  NIV

Some put a lot of effort into their religion.  Some don´t.  Some conform their lives to what their church teaches.  Some stay clear of church.  Some work hard to find out Who God Is, what He is like, and about His love.  Some don´t care to know what the Lord wants from us.  Some spend their lives getting to know their Savior personally.  Some reduce or reject Jesus.  Some put effort into having the Spirit of God living freely in them, moving them and instructing them at all times.  We will never gain God or His promises through our human effort or desire.  But could the Lord be looking for children who really want to be with Him?

God says that He will weigh the caliber of our hearts.  Some will go on to be with Him.  He will receive them into His arms forever.  We will not be able to buy our entrance or His love with actions, declarations, or argument.  Who will He choose to show mercy to?  Will it be those who desired less of Him?  Or will it be those who cared about their Father and put all their efforts into coming, heart and soul unto Him?  Our efforts cannot make God love us more.  But could we make it our every desire to know Him well, love Him more, and pray for His mercy each and every day?

Dear Lord,

Please help us desire You with all we are and make every effort to strengthen our relationship with You.  We want to be so close to You now that eternity will reward our hearts desire and bless us with Your Presence forever we pray!


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