One of you will say to me: “Then why does God still blame us? For who resists his will?”  Romans 9:19  NIV

Why?  Why?  Why?  We have all been there!  There are surely times when our pain or struggles are more than we can bear.  The situations we face are too much for us and it is then, when we question God.  We may wonder why God is testing us, or could bring us through this trial.  It is not always a bad thing for learning children to ask questions.  It can mean they are interested in the subject, in apprehending something new, and in growth.  But should we be careful with what kind of questioning we do?  Should we remember that God is still God?  When we are only able to focus on our own discomfort or resistance to what God is working on, should we remember that the Lord is forever working on levels that we are not able to see?

In our spiritual journey we are the students.  We may have made progress from where we began.  But an infinite number of discoveries of God are still to be revealed unto us.  No eye has seen and no ear has heard!  We have not scratched the surface!  So let´s ask our questions to God with an attitude that will allow Him to give us our next revelation!  Shall we humble ourselves and ask Him why not take us through the baby steps and prepare us for an eternity of blissful discoveries of Him?

Dear Lord,

Instead of thinking of ourselves or being demanding, give us a heart to learn!  Take our hand and lead us.  Give us faith to let You handle all the details.  Help us trust You to know why!



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