Obstinate People

Obstinate People

But concerning Israel he says, “All day long I have held out my hands to a disobedient and obstinate people.”        Romans 10:21  NIV

Israel was God´s chosen people.  He made His Presence known through them.  Mighty works He performed for them so that mankind would have a people to testify of Him.  The chosen could show the world Who God is and what His plans for us are.  But we have always had a way of turning our backs on God.  We do it even through our routines of worship and life.  In our modern days, the chosen race has shifted from the tribe of Israel to the Christian church.  We are now God´s people.  We are chosen by God to reflect Him and show the world what it can mean to know Him.  But do we?  Or are we often guilty of being obstinate people too?

The problem with Israel was not that they did not cling to religion.  They were zealous.  They were highly religious at times.  Their problem was in losing contact with God.  They did not care to know Him personally.  They came to their altars but they didn´t care to come near the Lord in their hearts.  They used God for other reasons, not to enter a devoted and intimate relationship with Him.  Shall we pray with extra fervor today that we do not follow in their footsteps?  Shall we ask God to teach us not to be obstinate, but to come unto Him and to love Him with all we are?

Dear Lord,

Draw us beyond our obstinacy and into the closest of walks with You.  Teach us to seek You for the endless joy of knowing You and reveling in Your love now we pray!



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