So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace.  Romans 11:5  NIV

There is much talk about the remnant of the Lord.  Prophet and Scripture teach of a select few who are chosen by God.  One group would like to call themselves the special ones.  The next group, with completely different doctrines, beliefs, and conduct, also likes to call themselves the remnant of God.  Paul tries to lead us gently over these murky waters.  He attempts to show how heritage should count, but can never bridge a spiritual gap that each believer must somehow cross to be amongst the remnant.  Where do we go to see if God has chosen us as His very own?

The current trend is not so much like the Israelites or the Jews.  They relied upon their bloodline and the promises of the Patriarchs.  Now we argue our cases with texts to support us and make us feel safe.  Some still count on actions performed.  But the promise remains.  God knew there would still be some who needed Him.  Deep within they know that they cannot stand on anything short of Him.  There is nowhere else they will go and no defense.  They go to God.  They go with heart in hand.  They drop to bended knee.  They cannot hold back.  They must find themselves frightfully before the Presence of their Savior!  Are we going to approach our Lord today like the chosen ones of the remnant?

Dear Lord,

Let us settle for nothing less than Your Presence in our lives!  Let us experience You in living experience!  Let us press on as Your remnant will, until we come fully before You now!



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