And if by grace, then it is no longer by works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace.  Romans 11:6  NIV

God does a lot for us.  Not only does He create us, and an amazing environment in which to live, but He has continually makes gestures towards us in love.  He cares for each of us and sustains those who care to return His love and those that don´t.  He gives a heartbeat, keeps the lungs pumping, and maintains a spark which generates our brains.  He gives to all a spirit of life that inhabits our bodies.  This life He gives, He gives by grace.  Nobody forces Him to give us anything.  God chooses for us to be here!  And it is His joy to give this gift of grace.  We repay the Lord and give Him His due when we realize this grace and love.  We insult God when we think we can buy His grace or favor.  Do keep ever present the amount of grace we have been shown and are shown each day?

As if God has not done enough for us already, He sends us His Son.  Jesus is the most perfect picture of Grace that we have.  While we choose to look to ourselves, the God that holds us up by His grace reaches through our self-oriented ways.  By grace He provides a Way in which we can embrace the love of our Heavenly Father.  Grace is a gift!  Shall we work hard to demonstrate to the Lord that His gifts are not lost on us?  Shall we ask God to help us respond by drawing nearer to Him by every grace He gives?

Dear Lord,

We cannot begin to thank You enough for the grace we are given.  But do not let Your Gift be lost on us!  Let us realize the amount of grace we are shone and by it, come unto You!


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