Rejection To Life

Rejection To Life

For if their rejection is the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?  Romans 11:15  NIV

Tediously Paul teaches how the very people of God lost their position of favor with the Lord and it has become available to everyone else who would seek that favor.  We should be eternally careful because history has a way of repeating itself.  Christians today can never pat ourselves on the back and think we are superior to the Jews.  Each soul is under attack.  Every person could stumble.  There are dark forces at work to remove our chances of entering God´s embrace.  Therefore, if we find that our hearts are distracted from God even though we congregate each week, our chance to become the Lord´s could be given to another.  Shall we take great care to see that our love for God is real?

The Jews stubbornly held to their religion and form of worship.  Other things were more important to them than seeking to know God and learning to let Him be the Master of their souls.  God had to look outside of the fold.  Here we stand today!  Whether we are in the fold or standing far outside, shall we let our hearts search hard to find where God is moving?  Shall we seek Him as with fervor and urgency as if we have stood with the rejected?  Shall we become the very ones who step forward and attain a life in Jesus?

Dear Lord,

Remind us often that we were not deserving of Your mercy.  Let our repentance drive us to seek You in honesty and haste!  Let us press past a place of rejection to life in You we pray!


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