Grafted In Again

Grafted In Again

And if they do not persist in unbelief, they will be grafted in, for God is able to graft them in again.  Romans 11:23  NIV

Tears have always been cried over those who found God, but then lost the love of God in them.  When a person comes to believe, there is still the danger that we may lose the closeness we have found.  Thinking we are saved, gives us confidence, and if we are not careful, we can easily forget to be charitable to others as Christ teaches.  Our higher moral actions, our association with God´s chosen, and declaring we believe in Christ, can all reduce our hunger.  If We do not keep seeking Christ in our hearts, we can lose the tie we thought we had to Him.  But there is hope!  God is still able to save!  If Christ can be restored as our first love once again, then even the fallen saints can take heart, and be grafted in again!  Shall we pray for us, and for every believer, to find our very life, feeding each moment of every day directly from our Savior?

God is to be praised for His mercy!  The Lord is to be glorified for His power and for His grace!  In Christ, every follower can find direction, help, and strength to put Him first in our lives again!  Let us all humble ourselves and seek Him as the One vital connection we have to the throne of grace!  Shall we seek more of Him now?

Dear Lord,

Thank You for giving us hope!  Not only do You have the power to save us, but You can keep our hearts on You!  Help us realize the danger of letting our interests shift away from You!  Keep us alert and driven, to seek You always!  Let us walk closer to You than to anything else in the world we pray!


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