For God´s Mercy

For God´s Mercy

For God has bound all men over to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all.  Romans 11:32  NIV

Every person from every age is bound to something.  We may not realize it.  Some may never care to look and take note of what that thing really is.  We are bound to a heart that refuses to bow down and seek always the will of God.  Secretly deep within, mankind prefers to do and think as we please.  But Scripture, prophets, and the Son, warn us of the peril in that choice.  We were created to turn to God!  We were made for His pleasure!  We are all designed to engage with Him in the most intimate and satisfying relationship!  We have been promised to Him for eternity!  But so few go out of their way to want Him!  We need the mercy of God or none of us will ever stand with Him!  But He holds out His mercy for all alike!  Are we seeking God´s mercy now?

People don´t like to accept their blame.  Some say that they are convinced there is a God.  But the pride they are bound to will not let them seek His mercy for them in their daily lives.  Religious people should be the very ones who realize our own lack of worth.  Instead of feeling preferred or more refined than the next, we should realize the mercy we are shown and cling ever tighter to the Redeemer Who saves us from our wayward hearts!  How are we binding ourselves now to the One Who is showing us His mercy?

Dear Lord,

Thank You for showing us mercy when we do not deserve it!  Help us realize when we wander from You and seek Your mercy.  Bind us to You forever, like nothing else we pray!



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