The Body Of Christ

The Body of Christ

so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.  Romans 12:5  NIV

Whenever we find that our Christian beliefs are beginning to go contrary to what the Bible teaches, we should get alarmed.  It might not be something we actually say, but many believers secretly hold that the only saved unto God are the ones in their chosen branch of the church.  Some even joke about the church down the street.  But if we are to be found in Christ, then our boundaries lie not in denominational adherence.  Our tie is to Christ!  Our call is unto Jesus!  Our faith is never to be in what one or the other says!  Our connection is to the Vine!  Anything short of being with, rooted in, and fed directly by Jesus each day will never tie us to Him, or one to another.  Are we sure that we form part of the body of Christ?

We follow the error of those who went before us when we put religion before Christ.  We imitate the Pharisees when what we practice, or what sect we belong to, is what matters.  It is high time we all bow on bended knee!  It is time we approach the Lord again with our hearts in outstretched hands!  It is time we come to Jesus!  Wherever we are in our walk with the Lord, shall we make sure we come humbly into the Presence of Jesus today and let Him tell us if we form part with Him and part of the Body of Christ?

Dear Lord,

We want to walk so closely with You and have You so fully in our hearts, that we are living proof of our bond with You!  Let our tie to You embrace and flood over to every other member of Your body we pray!


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