Be Sincere

Be Sincere

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.  Romans 12:9  NIV

We have been taught well.  We know there is evil.  We know that there is good.  The problem is that we are living now through times that perilous.  Our society and thought in general, is being orchestrated in such a way as to rob us of an eternal future within the arms of God.  The Spirit moving deep within Paul, speaks to us in good, wholesome instruction.  He tells us that our love must be sincere for God and for others.  But if we were to truly weigh the sincerity of our love today, what would we find?

The world is clamorous and insistent.  It would have our attention and our love.  We may think we love God and His children, but the love we are being sold today is a love for self.  We weigh absolutely everything by how much it brings to us personally.  We rarely, if ever, are truly sincere.  We almost never remove ourselves, our emotions, our goals, or our aspirations from the things we set our affections upon.  We have forgotten to love first, care unquestioning, and follow God for Who He Is.  We prefer to focus on what we stand to gain.  Should we heed the words of the Apostle?  Shall we repent?  Shall we drop to our knees and ask the Lord to change us from the inside?  Shall we ask Jesus to give us a love that is sincere, for Him and for His children everywhere?

Dear Lord,

Turn us in our tracks!  Help us see our plight and the danger of our times!  In our emergency, give us a sincere heart to love You and follow You before any other thing we pray!



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