Joy, Patience and Faithfulness

Joy, Patience and Faithfulness

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  Romans 12:12  NIV

As Christians, we are to be joyful, patient and faithful.  We may think we understand these qualities or have them.  But should we be so hasty to congratulate ourselves?  Joyful is not just a sentiment we have to describe the hope in having an eternal future.  To understand it as such can rob us of living like real Christians.  A true Christian is not a sour person who is bitter with the world yet holds a glimmer of a smile inside because they think their future is paid for by their choices.  A real hope in Christ puts the true believer into a joyful walk with Jesus.  Being in His Presence is what pure joy is.  It floods over us and out to all those we meet.

Patience also, is something that does not come naturally no matter how many declarations we may use to persuade ourselves of possessing it.  Patience comes only through walking long and close enough with God.  We become content to let Him work as He knows best.  Faithful in prayer goes hand-in-hand with patience.  When we have learned the joy of God having His way in our lives, instead of us having things the way we would have them, then Christ is surely with us!  Then we are free to worship God in a Way that pleases Him!  Shall we pray for more joy, patience and faithfulness that demonstrate to all that we truly are the Lord´s?

Dear Lord,

Give us joy.  Give us patience. And give us the faithful prayer of having a closer walk with You and more of You in our lives now, and forever more we pray!



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