Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody.  Romans 12:17  NIV


Instruction has been given.  Our dear Teacher has given His very life to demonstrate to us the Way.  We know with great certainty how we are to be in this world.  We, who call on the name of the Lord, are to resemble our God.  We are to reflect the love He has shown us.  All true Christians are to be known by the genuine care with which they selflessly give to all those around them.  Is that what we do?  Do we pray for those who want to harm us?  Or have we learned to hold the doctrine without letting it accuse us?

We should pray without ceasing, that awareness comes over the remnant of God again today.  We should ask in all honesty to be convicted of what we hold within our hearts.  We should ask to be ushered so near to the Light of God, that any defect or disease in our lives is exposed and brought to the great Physician.  Shall we ask to stand close enough to the God of love that His love begins to glow within our own hearts and souls?  Shall we pray today to be so filled with the love of God that it overflows unto all those around us?  Shall we ask that we walk so intimately and follow our Savior so closely, that His same care is displayed in all we say and do?  Shall we pray that by the care we show to the world, all will know that we truly are the children of God?


Dear Lord,

Draw us so close to You today, that Your care can clearly be seen in us!  Let us be Yours because Your love dwells in us and flows bountifully to all we pray!



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