Give What We Owe

1048 Give What We Owe

Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.  Romans 13:7  NIV

Our dealings with other human beings is where we can demonstrate that we truly have heard our God.  Or we can show that we follow in the footsteps of Adam and look to please some other enticing personal desires.  In Jesus we find what we need to know about God.  The Son gives us an ample beginning to wet our appetites towards the Lord and send us out to forever seek Him and find our God.  Jesus´ teachings, His example, and His sacrifice show us that we are to be more concerned about others than in chasing our own fancies.  We are to give at what we owe and then some.  Are we following Christ in the giving that we do each day?

Recognizing the love of God, creates within the heart of the believer a need to stand within that love.  When the love of God comes, it fills and spills over to all that our lives touch.  Standing near Jesus, our hearts will not let us take without first assuring that proper due is given.  We give out of a debt that we gladly accept of pleasing our Lord.  And in giving to others, we also pay in to what our grateful hearts owe to our God!  Shall we let our souls be filled with God´s love today?  Shall we pray that we go on to give unto others in accordance with what we have received?

Dear Lord,

Thank You for the love and mercy You have shown to us!  Fill us with such a sense of debt to that love given us, that we are moved to repay it to all Your children everywhere we pray!



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