Time To Wake Up!

Time to Wake Up!

And do this, understanding the present time. The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.    Romans 13:11  NIV

God and prophet are screaming to us to wake up!  We tend to laziness.  We get tired, we get bored.  We get stuck into a rut, and we easily get distracted.  It is the weaknesses of our race.  Each one is given this reminder.  We must all open our ears!  We must all listen.  None can see how dire our situation is!  We haven´t a clue how important this very moment is to our eternal salvation!  We have no idea how desperately God is reaching out to us right now!  What is it that He would have us do to step closer to Him today?  What might He be calling us to do for another child of His?

The point is, that right now is not a moment that we can waste.  We are closer now to Christ´s return than we were yesterday.  There is no way to buy back time.  Tomorrow will be here before we know it.  Where will we want to be in our walk with Jesus?  How close will we want to be found with the One Who will assure us of a safe outcome?  How on earth will we ever know where God wants us to place those vital footsteps today if our hand is not firmly in the hand of our Guide?  Shall we wake up and seek Christ right now as if it were the only thing we really have to do today?

Dear Lord,

We are not the best at reading the times.  But help us understand the urgency of the moment!  Let us know how much we need You, then come running to You now we pray!



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