Clothed With Jesus

Clothed With Jesus

Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.  Romans 13:14  NIV

Christ´s call to the soul is a complete shift of direction.  Although humans are not perfect, the focal point of their lives can be.  We can be wrapped up in Christ.  Blessed ones from all ages are moved with sufficient conviction.  A radical change shifts the focus of heart and life towards God.  Something within the souls of these fragrant saints moves them to cease thinking of themselves.  The true followers of Christ actually stop listening to their own earthly desires.  They find a new Source to set their focus upon.  They reject self and seek to clothe themselves with Jesus.  Is that us?

To be clothed with Jesus is not using His name often or forcefully.  To reject self and wrap ourselves in Christ is not simply adhering to a group or accepting their standards.  This envelopment of soul happens deep in the heart of the individual who has recognized that the shift form self to God is necessary.  The heart so touched by the Lord is driven to seek the flooding Light of Jesus.  To be enveloped in anything other than Christ is too painful to bear.  Can we say that our faith has let go of our selves or our world?  Or is there still a real need for us today to pray to be clothed with Jesus?

Dear Jesus,

We need You!  We want nothing of this world if we can´t share it with You!  Please flood us and fill us!  Let us let go of all else and seek to be clothed, wrapped up in You alone we pray!


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