We Belong

We Belong

If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.  Romans 14:8  NIV

“Till death do us part,” we say as our oath of allegiance to our earthly partner.  It is how we unite two people in marriage.  Yet there is another allegiance that we can make.  We can tie ourselves to Christ.  We can become His.  We can enter into a relationship with the Son of God.  This bond is not an earthly one even though we may dedicate our lives unto the cultivation of it.  Jesus gives His very life and even His death to seal our union.  Those who give their hearts to Christ can belong to Him whether we live or die.  Is the significance of our tie to Jesus finding its effect on how we walk through our days?

Our connection to God´s Son could be misinterpreted to mean we demonstrate our commitment by living an irreproachable Christian life.  But our union must be more than cold transactions our loud declarations.  Love, adoration, and desire must be felt and actively sought.  Those who truly belong to God will not stand on less.  They will want to belong to Jesus and will spend their lives finding out how they can give more of themselves unto Him.  It is not on paper or by words where we walk with our God.  Those who burn with love for God will walk in the union of our hearts and our souls with Jesus!  Do we belong to the Lord?  How do we know?

Dear Lord,

Oh please, whisper to our hearts that we truly do belong to You!  Let nothing keep us from You in life or death we pray!


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