Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother’s way.  Romans 14:13  NIV

Without thinking, we all set ourselves above the unfortunate soul who is worse off than we are.  Paul warns us.  Jesus also taught us not to fall into this trap.  We should be prepared to avoid it and more sensitive to whether or not we fall into doing it.  Should we still pray for help seeing the obstacles we really face in following our Savior´s instruction?  Should we pray to be made aware of any chance that we may be putting an obstacle in the way of another?

The problem with feeling better off than the next guy is that we willingly believe a lie.  We want to feel more secure so we go along with the good feeling even though we are proven to have our faults.  The only difference between us and anyone else is how much of Christ may live in us.  And if Christ lives in us than we will surely be so full of Him and His love, that we would show His same concern for all God´s children at all times.  So if feelings of superiority enter or if we at all feel safe with ourselves, then we can be sure that we have not been filled sufficiently with the Son.  Shall we pray that Jesus may freely come to us and remove the obstacles we have?  Shall we pray to be so full of His love that it relinquishes us from placing any obstacle in the way of those around us?

Dear Lord,

Open our eyes to see how great our need is to still be filled with You today!  Move us then to seek You more and be flooded with Your Presence and Your love we pray!



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