A Matter Of

A Matter Of

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit,  Romans 14:17  NIV

There is one grave mistake that we continue to make that we should have effectively dealt with long ago.  It is the evil habit of changing holy issues into worldly ones.  Mankind has always tried to lower God and our approach to Him to concepts of things we can touch, see, manipulate or do.  We should be throwing up our hands in wonder as Christ opens our hearts to discover our God is bigger than anything we can ever perceive.  But instead we try to limit mans dealing with the Unfathomable Spirit, to foods, drinks or sets of actions to follow.  What should be a spiritual matter and a journey of soul becomes a matter of material, mental ideals, or effort. What matter are we making of our righteousness, our peace, our joy, or our dealings with the Spirit of God right now?

It is time our eyes are opened again as those who sat to listen to Jesus.  We need to hear His words again and those of His apostles.  We need to lift our horizons above our earthly issues and matters.  We need to set our soul´s gaze above the stars and into the unseen reaches of our Lord.  Shall we ask Jesus to make our relationship with God a matter of engagement with His Spirit today?

Dear Lord,

Turn our sight towards Heaven.  Let us look beyond our matters of the earth and begin to see into the wonder and breath-taking beauty of spiritual matters. Harden our sight upon You until being with You is what matters to us we pray!



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