Not From Faith?

Not From Faith

But the man who has doubts is condemned if he eats, because his eating is not from faith; and everything that does not come from faith is sin.  Romans 14:23  NIV

It may come as a surprise to us to learn that not everything we do is from our faith in God.  We make our declaration to take Christ as our Savior.  We set out to attend church and be good Christians.  But how often do we weigh our thoughts and our actions after that?  The general trend is to think our course is set and there is nothing to worry about now that we believe our names are written in God´s book of life.  But should we be so hasty or careless?

Our call to God is a literal one!  We are not called to take on a name.  We are not called to be Christians to wear a name and trod on alone!  We are called to Christ!  We are to walk and to talk with Him!  We are to spend eternity with Him in intimate personal engagement!  That eternity starts now!  If we leave Jesus out of any step, we are walking alone!  If we do something and forget to include Him, then it is not from faith!  It is sin.  The blessed relief is that Jesus is just a prayer away!  We can turn to Him if, and when we realize we have left Him out of our moment!  Shall we take the time right now?  Shall we nudge a little closer to our Lord?  Shall we ask for help so that we do not walk one step in life that is not from our faith in our Savior Jesus Christ?

Dear Lord,

Forgive us for taking those steps we take without You!  Please help us see when we do and quickly turn and run back to You!  Let us seek You in all we do, all the time, we pray!


Beautiful song worth listening to… (Praise the Lord!) S.D.W.


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