Strong Or Weak

Strong Or Weak

We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves.  Romans 15:1  NIV

As usual, our human outlook is subject to our weaknesses.  What should be and what we settle for are switched around.  We think strength is something we can possess.  Meanwhile in the biblical terms it is something God possesses.  It becomes ours only vicariously.  We are only ever truly strong when it is not our own strength that moves us but that of God.  We are only safe when we realize we need a Savior.  We are only able to care for others when we stop caring so much for ourselves.  The Christian walk is a life full of paradox.  Are we aware of when we the strongest?

So often we think we are most pleasing to God when we are doing the most for Him.  But the truth is that we are closest to His heart when we are the most aware of how much we need Him.  We are only able to help others come to know God when we realize how much we need still need to learn!  Shall we embrace our Life of contradiction?  Shall we embrace the God that it takes faith to even begin to understand?  Shall we empty ourselves of everything we can of our own, so that the Spirit can fill and we will finally have something to offer to those around us?  Shall we become weak so that the strength of God can flow through us?

Dear Lord,

Help us recognize our need for You.  Let our utter need for You in us and moving us all the time, assist all those around us to discover You and Your strength  as well we pray!



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