Glorify God

Glorify God

so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Romans 15:6  NIV

We have made Christianity into a maze of doctrines and denominations.  Each church proudly declares their belief is correct.  At the same time, they insinuate that the others are all somehow wrong.  We have taken sides so far now that we have made our faith discreditable to the world.  Unbelievers look down on us in pity.  They will not buy our concept of God while we bicker over whose God and whose worship is right.  Paul teaches a loftier faith.  He sets us to the highest of goals in glorifying God!  We are not here for a lesser purpose!  Shall we then?

Jesus taught and showed by example how to live for God.  He demonstrated a focus upon the Lord that was not divided or excluded by rituals or favored concepts.  Christ showed us the importance of using our belief in God to move past earthly differences and find ourselves in and before the living God!  Our Savior rescues us from our religious differences and offers us a walk with the Divine!  We can leave it to others to bicker or to settle for their shallow faith!  We can move forward into the Presence of the Lord!  Shall we take the outstretched hand?  Shall we learn to glorify God by walking with Him and living before Him every moment of our day? Shall we take our faith that far?

Dear Lord,

Open our eyes and our hearts to realize and to bask in Your glory!  Lift us above the bickering and let our praise and our love for You truly bring glory and attention to You we pray!


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