Rejoice With Gentiles

Rejoice With Gentiles

Again, it says, “Rejoice, O Gentiles, with his people.”  Romans 15:10  NIV


Just when we begin to feel good about our Christian heritage and privilege, we are reminded that Christ is not only for us.  It is true choices must be made.  A stand for Jesus must be made.  But we typically think that this happens when we make the great choice to accept faith in Christ.  We imagine an instant magical change that suddenly covers us forever with the favor and blessing of God.  While this may be the case, our decision is not something that we do and settle in an instant.  We live our choice and our declaration from that moment on!  Our joy is the same joy available to anyone who will ever desire to know Jesus themselves.  Are we rejoicing along with the Gentiles still today?

If our commitment to follow Christ was not genuine, then we could, and will soon forget it.  We will go about our own lives with whatever moral improvements our Christianity brings us.  But if we have been stirred to the core, then we will never see heritage, language or denominational barriers.  We will rejoice in the grace we all find in our privilege of knowing God!  We will praise the Lord along with everyone from everywhere who will ever find the same mercy and love in Jesus as we have found!  Can we rejoice with the Gentiles now that we too can come before the Lord?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for the hope we have in You!  Thanks for Your love and Your mercy!  Place Your love within our hearts so we may rejoice along with all who will ever call on You we pray!


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