Making Plans

Making Plans

So after I have completed this task and have made sure that they have received this fruit, I will go to Spain and visit you on the way.  Romans 15:28  NIV

We read the Bible and see how even Godly men and women made their plans.  The outcome of those plans may rarely have played out as they were intended, but at least we can see how the saints of old set their sights and prepared their ventures.  But as we study the lives of those who walked and worked closely with the Lord, can we see that regardless of the plans men will make, God is forever working in mysterious ways?  The Lord´s plans are above our plans.  They fulfill missions for His glory that we may never imagine.  His true servants may make their plans and work towards carrying them out, but they are so tuned to God that they are able to adjust quickly to whatever outcome God has prepared for them.

As we make our plans for today and our near futures, shall we ask the Lord to be a larger participant than we make of ourselves?  Shall we ask that as we work towards completing our missions for Him, that we walk close enough to Him to swiftly see where He is moving and leading?  Shall we ask that the greater plan is His and that ours always serves to lean us ever more fully upon Him?

Dear Lord,

As we make up our plans to come to You and to serve You with our lives, please let those plans adjust to Yours!  Let us lean harder upon You and regardless what You bring to pass through our plans, may they serve to glorify You and bring us all into a closer and more intimate walk with You, we pray!


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