God Of Peace

God of Peace

The God of peace be with you all. Amen.  Romans 15:33  NIV

We talk of peace these days but we have no idea what it is that we are talking about.  We use it to describe a situation without hostility between two countries while we all know that much suspicion and precautionary action are still present.  Or we may say peace is a moment free of stress or anxiety.  This too is only a short-lived state where we momentarily forget that we live in a world with unlimited difficulties that will soon tear us away from our brief time of quietness.  Are we experiencing peace in our day?

There is another kind of peace.  It is much different.  It can only be found in God!  The peace we find in the Lord is a state we may reach, but since it depends upon the eternally faithful God of Love, it is not subject to change.  The peace God offers us is an opportunity to step away from all suspicion, under-handed dealings, and the threat of unseen danger.  Christ opens His arms to draw us unto Him.  This embrace with the Son of the Almighty and eternal God is peace!  Can we sense the God of Peace near us right now?  Shall we reach out to Him as He is reaching out to us?

Dear Lord,

Teach us of Your peace!  Grow within us a strong desire to be found within Your arms and within Your Presence today!  There tucked in tight with You, unfold for us the sensation of peace that only being safe with You can ever bring!  Let us be found with You and in You now, we pray!


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