Not Christ

Not Christ

For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people.  Romans 16:18  NIV

We can almost hear the author´s anguish in the last words of his letter.  He tries to guide his reader’s hearts to seek God instead of being led to put their faith in some fine talk or clever argument.  His fear is that while he is not there to help them personally, that they remember their religion should never become void of the Presence of God.  We are to resist any sweet thoughts of religion that build us up without us bowing to and needing our Lord and Savior.  Are these words of warning still reaching our ears today?

The truth is and always has been that we need Jesus!  We need Him today!  We did not just need Him the day we were converted!  We will continue to need Christ forever!  The heart that has truly been touched by God´s love will embrace this thought!  The children who recognize their need for a bond will gladly step forward to seek Jesus daily!  The more we find, the more eagerly and constantly we will strive to be with Him.  High ideals or empty concepts of faith will never suffice.  The ones who serve Christ are the ones who have tasted Him and hunger for more of Him still!  Shall we choose to hear the Apostle´s encouragement in our hearts, and not be naive?  Shall we press close to Jesus now?

Dear Jesus,

Help us to see our need for You and reserve our hearts for You alone!  Let us embrace nothing that is not You but seek You in all things we pray!


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