Grace With Us

Grace With Us

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.  Romans 16:20  NIV

The grace of Jesus is with us all!  He has come to us and become the living reflection of God. He has brought us grace untold.  Christ has opened a door of hope for every sinner alike.  He holds Himself from no one.  We can all find a Haven of Peace in our Savior.  We can feel the love of God!  We can experience a growing relationship with God because of the grace Jesus freely brings!  Are we reveling in the grace we have found in the Lord?

We may be tempted to think that the more religious person is the one who has more grace.  But in the great heart of God, it is not so.  The more pious are in just as dire need of grace as the less fortunate sinner.  We have all fallen short of perfection.  We all need Jesus!  The difference lies in who is actively seeking God´s grace!  The Gift is given!  But who is embracing that Gift?  Are we?  Shall we remember often how much the Lord forgives us our shortcomings each day?  Shall we strive for a humble spirit of thanksgiving that we are still offered a chance to come close to God?  Shall we pray with both sinner and saint, our prayers of thanks to Jesus for the grace He brings to all who will seek Him?

Dear Lord,

Thank You for the grace we find in You!  You love us even though we do not deserve it!  Help us return that love and use the grace we are given to draw us nearer still, we pray!


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