Hidden Mystery

Hidden Mystery

Now to him who is able to establish you by my gospel and the proclamation of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery hidden for long ages past,  Romans 16:25  NIV

In the scene of history, the human race has its emergency.  But the struggling and lost are given a Hero.  Unknown to the vast majority, our Hero comes to us in the humblest of ways.  So strange is the story of Christ, and stranger still to our ears is why God would even send us such grace when we have shown little concern for knowing Him or seeking Him.  But the God of love sends His Son nonetheless.  A lifetime of trying to understand all the mystery can bring many fantastic discoveries of His love and His desire to be with us.  Most of all, we can take a front-row seat to watching as His story unfolds.  We can experience God´s wonderful show of redemption and watch all the saved reach His arms safely.  Is the wonder and majesty of God´s Hidden Mystery thrilling us today and filling the stage of our lives?

Some choose not to care.  Some are not bothered to look.  Some will carry on their own way.  But thank the Lord, some will burn deep within to be witnesses of God´s Mysteries as they unfold to us in glorious discoveries each day!  Will we be those special few?

Dear Lord,

Thrill us with the joy of searching the limitless wonders of You!  Let us be the chosen ones who will not stop until we see Your face!  Blow us away with Your Presence today, we pray!


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