to the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ! Amen.  Romans 16:27  NIV

Glory be to God in the Highest!  We say the words.  They were taught to us early.  We sing the songs.  Sometimes we even feel a lift of soul when we do.  We can come to church.  We can go to meetings.  We can read our Bibles.  And we can talk about our faith in Jesus Christ.  But what really is happening?  Has contact been made?  Have we truly met Someone?

Our God will see His plan come to His prepared outcome.  We are nearing that Amen!  The end is nearly in sight!  God has done His part!  His Son has too!  They have given more than we can ever fathom.  The question is, what part will we play in the future.  Will we proceed from where we are?  Will we be the privileged few who bow before the throne?  Will we gaze upon God throughout eternity?  Will we spend forever in the glow of His Presence?

Enough instruction has been given us to let us know that what we are doing right now will determine our fate.  Where our hearts lie and what we turn to is what matters.  Are we giving God the glory He deserves?  Are we giving Him complete reign over our desires, our time and our thoughts throughout the day?  Are we faithfully stepping in behind Jesus and drawing closer every day to God?

Dear Lord,

Let Your children bring glory to You by obeying what You have said!  Let us come to, and know Your Son, we pray! 


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