I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus.  1st Corinthians 1:4 NIV

Our boy David grew up to have sons of his own.  He always felt the love his parents showered upon him.  Now he tries to share that same kind of love with his own children.  But there is a love greater than the one parents can give.  There is grace from above.  God loves his children with a love deeper than we can comprehend.  Human love is subject to moments of stress where when difficulties arise and we are unable to demonstrate our love to each other.  This is not so with God.  Were the Lord to remove His grace from even the worst sinner, that person would cease to exist.  Are we giving thanks to God for the grace we are shown each day in our lives and of those around us?

When David´s patience and compassion are tested by the behavior of his own children or the conduct of others around him, he is reminded to thank God for them and the grace we have all found in Christ.  Our David, like Paul, can draw a step closer to God in finding the joy we have for thanking God?  If we can thank God for the grace He has shown others, we can thank Him twice as much for the grace He has shown us!  Shall we thank Him now?

Dear Lord,

Thanks!  Thank You for all the grace, mercy and love that You have shown on all your undeserving children.  We haven´t always looked to Your or returned Your love.  Help us learn from the grace we are shown and use it to seek more of You!  Help us reflect the grace we find in You, we pray!



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