Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Were you baptized into the name of Paul?  1st Corinthians 1:13  NIV

The church that our David grew up in became divided.  Some felt strongly about some issues and others felt equally convicted of their understandings.  Good friends eventually chose to worship in separate places.  God´s children have now parted ways because of where their focus is.  Children in need of their Father and their Savior are so distracted by their own opinions that they can no longer worship the Lord together.  They are deceived into lowering their sights.  Are we tempted at times too?

It is said that 100 pianos all tuned to the same key are all instantly tuned to each other.  Were we all to tune ourselves honestly to Christ, then we would be instantly tuned to God´s children everywhere.  When division begins to stir within our hearts, our opinions, and our churches, we need a Savior.  We need Jesus!  We need Him now!  We need Him every day!  Shall we turn again and tune ourselves to the Key that will set us all on the same side?  If we can look past our all-too-important issues and focus upon Christ, then will He be able to help us past our divisions and find ourselves together in the God who is bigger than our issues?

Dear Lord,

Help us keep our focus upon You!  Division will surely try to creep in.  But if we are close to You, You can save us!  Please let us walk close enough with You that others can too!



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