Therefore, as it is written: “Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.”  1st Corinthians 1:31  NIV

He sat anxiously in the pew remembering fondly when his parents brought him to church each week.  But those years were lost now to the busy pressures of life.  He was pleased when the speaker stepped up to the pulpit.  The pastor was an eloquent speaker and the congregation took in his speech with relish.  But the hunger this man felt was not to be filled with flowery words and lively character.  The message the preacher gave was doctrinally sound and flattered God.  But the one who seemed to be benefitting from the boasting was the witty pastor.  Every chuckle and smile from his entertained crowd spurred the speaker on.  But disappointment grew as one searching soul´s opportunity to come closer to God and receive something of Christ was sadly stolen away.

Our God is amazing enough to more than thrill the heart of anyone alive.  If people actually come to a place where they can meet Him, they are sure to be overwhelmed and overjoyed.  Even if we boast in what we find in God, we need to be careful that the point we make, brings glory to Him, not us!  We have!  We found!  We win!  We, we, we!  Stop!  This is not the call of Jesus!  We can talk God up because He is unimaginably wonderful!  We can boast of the Lord because He is worthy of praise!  Shall we try?

Dear Lord,

Give us the joy of sharing You with others.  But let Christ be the One we boast of!  Help us with every opportunity we may get, to show the world how amazing You are, we pray!


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