Nothing But Christ

Nothing But Christ

For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.  1st Corinthians 2:2  NIV

Out of work and living in a foreign land, a young man was down and out.  He was struggling with the fact that the world was cruel and nobody was willing to take him in.  As he waited for work to call he found himself on the rocks, literally.  He spent many hours outside the boatyard sitting on the breakwater that surrounded the port.  With no other hope to cling to, he started reading his Bible.  He could not count on receiving a call for another job.  He couldn´t count on his work experience or his education.  All he had was God.  But God is more than enough!

There on the rocks, with the rise and fall of the waves and the crabs crawling over his feet.  God began teaching our friend that Christ is real and He is here!  God is reaching out to us!  Many are too busy working on careers, their educations, or just getting by.  We need to get still!  We need to be alone, with nobody else to touch us except God!  In this state and in these moments we can find Jesus!  It is when we have nothing besides Christ, that we have the most!  Shall we pray that God is able to find a Way to reach us today?  Shall we ask Him to remove everything else from our hearts so there is finally room for Jesus in us and in our lives?

Dear Lord,

Help us when we get distracted!  We need You more than we need any other thing in the world whether we realize it or not!  Let us seek you now and accept nothing but Your Presence here with us today, we pray!



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