Spirit Not Men

Spirit Not Men

so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power.  1st Corinthians 2:5  NIV

They came to his door.  He let them in.  They began meeting regularly to examine at the Scriptures with him.  Several months went by.  But something was missing.  The evangelists were convicted and sincere.  They talked of our need for God and urged him to join their church family.  But the fine teaching and intelligent conclusions took up all the time and the focus.  The sessions ended without any feeling of being closer to God.  Through all their Bible searching, personal contact with Christ was never mentioned.  The Spirit was not present. They knelt over their Bibles to use their own heads and not to approach God.

Somehow the sensation of wasted moments strengthened the man´s need for deeper searching.  Alone and without the assistance of programmed texts, he found his way to his knees.  With his heart in his hands and only the Spirit to guide his steps, he was moldable.  But now he could be molded by the Spirit and by the teachings of Christ.  There was a Presence, a Guide, and a Friend.  Finally, Jesus was needed, sought after and gratefully enjoyed!  Shall we pray that we are able to see past even our own intelligence today?  Shall we seek the wisdom that comes from actively seeking the Spirit and demanding to walk personally with Him today?

Dear Lord,

Let us seek to have Your Spirit flooding and filling us!  Do not let us settle for fine words, but by pressing through and into personal encounters with You each day, we pray!


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