Spiritual Milk

Spiritual Milk

I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready.  1st Corinthians 3:2  NIV


The woman looked down at her newborn baby asleep her arms.  She had just experienced the miracle of giving birth to her first child.   She was still in shock and reeling at the weight of responsibility that now lay upon her to nurture and care for this precious little gift from God.  There had been some worries in the first hours.  Her baby had not been getting enough food in the womb.  He was too small and too weak.  Now the baby was not taking naturally to feeding from his mother as most babies do.  He had to be trained to feed.  Without help, he tired out quickly and did not have the strength to suckle.

Christians also need to be taught.  We do not know what our true nourishment is, or how to take to it.  Although our soul recognizes the warm embrace of our Parent, we search helplessly for what we need to strengthen us and to grow.  We need care and guidance.  Spiritual nourishment can only come from feeding directly from the Lord.  Earthly babies survive only by the provisions given them.  Children of Heaven will only grow into strong mature followers of Christ if we can recognize and learn where our nourishment comes from too!  Shall we seek the warm embrace and gentle hand that will feed us today and help us grow in Spirit?


Dear Lord,

We are like little babies who need our Parent.  But we need You!  Please feed us each day and help us grow stronger in relation to You!  Be the One Who nurtures us now, we pray!



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