Only God

1089 Only God

So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.  1st Corinthians 3:7  NIV

He thought he would be kind and share a quote from a classical Christian writer.  The quote had helped bring him closer to God.  So the man tried posting to his church´s Facebook group.  Instead of publishing his quote the administrator contacted him.  They were indignant that someone was attempting to use an author that was not a member of their branch of Christianity nor their church.  They scolded the man for using what they called an author from Babylonia instead of the church´s prophet or one of their authors.  They effectively stopped an encouraging message to look to God.

Paul addresses this kind of heresy.  The church in Corinth was struggling with who they needed to listen to and with which side to take in the divisions that their church was facing.  They were blind to the fact that it was darkness which was attacking them and trying to remove their attention from the Lord.  We are in no better situation.  We are bombarded each day from all sides.  Evil does not want us to draw near to God.  But it is God who makes us grow.  Shall we pray for people in churches everywhere today?  Shall we ask the Holy Spirit to watch over each of us and give us glimpses of God in His glory?  Shall we ask that we may look only to God because we have found grace only in Him?

Dear Lord,

Let us praise Your name whenever and however You choose to feed us!  Help us focus not on the workers around us but upon the object of our worship; on You, we pray!


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