Founded In Christ

Founded in Christ

For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.  1st Corinthians 3:11  NIV

The tiny hands closed over the coloring crayon.  With his face twisted up in concentration, the small child did his best to make a beautiful work of art.  He was coloring a picture of Jesus holding a defenseless lamb in his arms.  It was important for him that his Savior was portrayed with the beauty and love that the child felt for Him.  The lesson that was given that morning before church, had assured this boy that he was the little lamb that was safe in the arms of Jesus.  He couldn´t wait to show the picture to his parents of how his God loves and cares for him.

The boy grew up.  He spent many years without the comfort or support of his church family.  Far from the Bible lessons and the singing of songs, he strayed into the world.  Distractions, complications, and lack of importance held him away from the fold.  But the foundation had been laid.  Jesus Christ was the object of the faith he had been taught.  And on that foundation, God can build!  Whoever is founded in Christ has the hope that whatever the world throws at it, the Holy Spirit can overcome!  With just the faintest wisp of desire and an honest return of heart, a mighty work of God can be built!  We just need to recognize our foundation and seek again our Lord and Savior!  Shall we now?

Dear Lord,

Water those seeds that were planted in us.  Grow our desire and our love for You!  Build on the foundation we have been given in Christ!  Bring us ever closer to You, we pray!


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