Tested in the Fire

Tested in the Fire

his work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each man’s work.  1st Corinthians 3:13  NIV

It was the day they had trained for.  They were trying out to make the team and needed to run a mile in under six minutes.  As the sun rose they raced around the track.  One boy began to fall behind the fitter contestants.  On the last lap, it looked like they would make it across the finish line in time but the slow boy was half a lap behind.  Just before the leaders crossed the finish line, one of the others turned back.  He ran to where his friend struggled for breath and to keep running.  Shouting encouragement and running beside him they drew near the finish and scraped over in the very last second.  This boy had risked his own future to help his friend.

Our true colors are also revealed in the fire.  If we have held onto religion while holding our hearts far from Jesus, it will show.  If we have not sought the Presence of God, the Day will bring it to light.  If we have been satisfied with our faith and not tried to increase it, it will be seen.  But if we use what we have of God to attain more of Him, the fire will burn!  If our desire for God burns strong enough, then we will prove to be His!  Like the boy who gained his spot on the team by his teamwork, we too can show God we want to be with Him!  Shall we pray that the relationship we share with the Lord will glow hot enough to last for all eternity to come?

Dear Lord,

Turn up the heat!  Test our love and help it prove our devotion to You!  Let our faith shine now, we pray!


2 thoughts on “Tested in the Fire

  1. Thank you for reading, following, and for your comment. I praise the Lord for your interest in Him. Could I ask why you would say I am brave? I know I am not the most studied writer or even that talented. But if I can point a humble finger towards our God, then it is our highest honor!

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