God´s Temple

God´s Temple

Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?  1st Corinthians 3:16  NIV

Before the first day of work, the whole company filed solemnly into the temple.  It was a tall tower that was beautifully decorated with bright colors.  It stood out in sharp contrast in between the tall trees of the Malaysian jungle.  Candles and incense burned and the fragrance filled the air.  Many of the visiting workers were from other countries and religions but they all stood in reverent silence.  The directors of the host company were firm believers and this was their temple.  Prayers and rituals needed to be carried out and everyone respected the serious tone.  Those who were Christian felt odd and out of place.  But a temple is a temple, and it is the sacred ground for those who believe.

We are God´s temple.  We are a Holy structure from the moment we belong to Him.  His Spirit is sent to us to guide us in our spiritual pursuit.  The fragrance of our prayers and the incense of our devotion should fill the atmosphere around us.  Reverence and awe should be heavily felt as we direct ourselves to the God we adore.  This Holy Spirit should be sought by every believer.  His Presence should fill us, bringing out the colors of our faith.  How often do we stop to view ourselves in the light of being the temple of the Lord?  Could we turn our temple into a tower of faith in the jungle of life where we live today?

Dear Lord,

Turn our lives into a mighty temple for You!  Let our prayers and adoration fill the air as we are filled with You, we pray!


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