The Wise

The Wise

and again, “The Lord knows that the thoughts of the wise are futile.”  1st Corinthians 3:20  NIV

She left her small village in the mountains when she was only a teenager.  She went to work in the city.  Only when her own children were going to school did the government start putting requirements on attaining a level of education.  Her studies brought her as far as reading and writing.  The rest of the world has gone crazy with information.  Her children studied their own careers and can even teach others.  Her busy job of raising children is over now.  But she still gets up and readies herself.  Faithfully she files into a seat at mass.  She goes there to pray and to direct her attention towards God, and her Savior Jesus Christ.  Who are the wise?

In our age of information and technology, we push ourselves to be brainy.  We have smart phones, smart TVs, and smart homes.  We encourage and train our children to be intelligent and well-studied.  The religious people too, diligently search the scriptures.  Some would look down on our simple mother who would not consider herself wise.  But who is wise?  Many of the learned would think less of the woman who lives simply to pray, to love, and to care for others.  But are they the wise?  God has chosen the simple to shame the wise.  Would we be wise to have a faith more like the humble woman who clings to her Lord for her wisdom?

Dear Lord,

Don´t let us trust our wisdom!  We need You!  Help us to be the smart ones and seek Your Presence here with us before everything else in the world, we pray!



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