Not Talk But Power

Not Talk But Power

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.  1st Corinthians 4:20  NIV

The hotel room looked out over some trees and hardly any buildings.  He had been traveling for some time and missed his family and friends.  Life on the road has its ups and downs and although he had already experienced many highs, this was one of his lows.  He did not feel like going out at all.  Turning out the lights he sat in a chair and gazed out at the night sky.  There was an electrical storm brewing.  He began pouring his heart out to God.  That night, as the storm began to rage outside, he needed to experience his Maker.  Eventually, there were no more words.  But God was just beginning.  Tears ran down the man´s face as the drops of rain streamed down the window pane.  God answered the man´s need by demonstrating His Presence.  He did not need to talk, but just put on a show of His power.

Could we use a demonstration of how close God is to us today?  Has our way become lonely and meaningless?  Do we notice that with all the talk, few people seem to be reveling in the power and Presence that our walk should bring us?  Could we humble ourselves and drop to our knees?  Could we seek a moment alone with our Maker?  Shall we pull up a chair and ask the Lord to display His Presence not with talk, but with power?

Dear Lord,

Help us to reach a place where we can meet with You today!  Turn the darkness and loneliness into a powerful display of Your Presence!  Flash across our horizons now, we pray!



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