What Works Through


What Works Through

Your boasting is not good. Don’t you know that a little yeast works through the whole batch of dough?  1st Corinthians 5:6

He was so excited to be allowed to bake.  The young boy quickly gathered the ingredients and began putting them into the mixer.  Disregarding his parent´s pleas to wait for them to help him, he threw in the ingredients without measuring them.  Instead of using oil though, he poured in some vinegar.  The bottles were similar but the outcome to the batch was not the same.

There is a spiritual recipe that God has given in the greatest of cookbooks.  In the Bible, we can find all the ingredients we need to make a batch of delights for our Lord.  If we will listen to the gentle voice of our Father, He will help us.  The outcome of our endeavors will bring Him what we should all want.  Love is a key ingredient.  Trust and faith play their part.  But we must be careful because some of the things which we might use, could confuse us.

We need to work carefully with our Savior and Guide.  We need to let Christ show us the best ingredients and the order they are called for in our preparations.  If we try to cook up our own spiritual concoction, the wrong ingredients could work through the whole batch.  Shall we pray that our Helper is right with us today and that we are attentive to His instructions?

Dear Lord,

Let us take not one step without You!  Work into the batch You would have us make, all the right ingredients.  Let us hear Your instructions and gladly follow them, we pray!


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