In Front Of

In Front Of

But instead, one brother goes to law against another–and this in front of unbelievers!  1st Corinthians 6:6  NIV

Two small children stepped timidly down the aisle on their way to the altar.  All eyes were on the cute little couple as they walked arm in arm to the wedding march.  Her job was to toss flowers.  His was to carry the Bible to the preacher who was holding the marriage ceremony.  Their embarrassment mounted as they approached the steps up to the stage.  The red carpet had been pulled making it difficult to see the steps.  The girl´s fear overtook her and she tried to run to her mother who was standing with the bridesmaids.  The boy was determined to complete his mission and reach the preacher.  Arms still locked they fought against the other´s tugs until they reached the top step.  That is when they fell.  Bible, flowers, and the two children tumbled down the steps to the sympathetic laughter and exclamations of the whole church.

Nobody was hurt by the tiny difference of direction.  But where two people were headed and how they struggled against each other was seen by everyone in the congregation.  Christians are called to act like Christ.  We are called to be like Him in our devotion to others and to God.  The universe is watching.  We cannot let our differences of opinions and directions turn the Lord´s wedding ceremony into a joke.  Shall we pray that as Christians, we don´t struggle or dispute against each other in front of the world to see?

Dear Lord,

Help us to be so filled with Your love that we complete our mission without quarrel in front of the rest, we pray!



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