Raised From Sin

Raised From Sin

By his power God raised the Lord from the dead, and he will raise us also.  1st Corinthians 6:14  NIV

The invitation came and all the boys got together.  After a couple of hours, the best man announced that it was time to go out.  They loaded up and drove to the boulevard.  It was a dark part of the street and there was little light in the parking lot.  The building was not colorful or aesthetic.  There were no windows and a bouncer greeted them at the door.  Drinks were expensive but that was not why they were there.  They sat near the stage.  The woman that came out to dance knew they were coming and soon she was dancing to the bachelor sitting on a chair before them all.

We may tend to forget that God is still at work.  He will have His children home with Him.  And that day is coming soon.  The Father raised His Own Son Jesus Christ from the dead and brought to Him to be with Him there.  Those who prove that they want to be with Him will just as surely be raised from sin.  This is what God is working on.  If we can remember how close God is and look to find Him here today, then we could walk accordingly.  We can move each day through our world with the anticipation of standing in the Presence of God in the dawn.  Shall we make all effort to be responsible with ourselves with what is left of our day?

Dear Lord,

Give us an overwhelming sensation of Your glory and strength.  Let us walk every minute of every day consciously aware that we are Yours and soon will bow in Your full radiance, we pray!



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