One With the Lord

One With the Lord

But he who unites himself with the Lord is one with him in spirit.  1st Corinthians 6:17  NIV

The preacher stopped in the middle of his sermon.  He had been elaborating upon a text but now began to rub his balding head.  “I´m sorry,” he said.  “But the Holy Spirit is telling me that the message that I am giving is not the one to use today.”  He came down off of the small stage and asked if anyone was hurting and feeling a burden to receive a word from the Lord.  It turned out that someone did and prayers were given.  The service proceeded with a greater awareness of the Presence of God.  The preacher was tuned as if one with the Lord and so, all were blessed that day.

It can easily be overlooked.  It may be a part of our faith where an emphasis is still lacking.  Yet it is a central theme in the teaching of Jesus Christ and all of the Apostles.  The Spirit of the Lord is mighty, moving and right here with us.  It remains for us to come to know and depend upon His movement.  We must learn to listen for Him.  We must train ourselves to be quick to recognize when and where He would have us go in every given moment.  We must resist our worldly tendency to remove God´s Spirit from our thoughts and try to take our step on our own.  Shall we accept our encouragement and our reminder today?  Shall we seek the Presence of God and His Spirit with us?  Shall we listen for that still small voice and strive to be one with the Lord?

Dear Lord,

Pour out Your Spirit!  Teach us to listen for Him and to leap up to do Your will!  Make us one with You now, we pray!



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