Each His Own Gift

Each His Own Gift

I wish that all men were as I am. But each man has his own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that.  1st Corinthians 7:7  NIV


They stopped the car on a dimly lit street and got out.  The house they were going to visit was only a hundred yards away.  But as they were crossing the road a big black dog came running to protect his private neighborhood.  His menacing growls and barking made the small group of visitors huddle together in fear.  Just then one of the group stepped forward.  He offered his hand and began walking towards the menacing dog.  The attacking animal quickly relaxed to his reassuring tone and gentle approach.

What might seem a frightening situation can be turned into a special chance to watch God at work.  Christians are the channel through which God can touch His children´s lives.  We may not be called to calm vicious dogs, but each person who makes their heart´s home in God will have His Spirit living in them.  We may not be able to go through life resisting the urge to find a spouse and marrying ourselves only to the Lord.  But whether God´s gifts in us are big or small, they can bring glory to God.  Could we pray for the size and the strength of our relationship with Christ that will bring out the gifts of God in our characters today?


Dear Lord,

Let us be so wrapped up in You that Your character and Presence is seen in us!  Help us walk so closely with You that the gifts of the Holy Spirit shine through our lives and service to You, we pray!



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