What Counts

What Counts

Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing. Keeping God’s commands is what counts.  1st Corinthians 7:19

The children came around with the basket.  People were dropping their tithes, their offerings, and their loose change into it.  But they had nothing in their pockets to give.  They probably could have given their last two coins like the woman Jesus showed to His Disciples.  But they had not even brought that to church that day.  The only thing they had brought was themselves and their family.

Many times we forget the instruction found in the Bible.  So often we overlook the teachings of the Apostles and even the Son of God.  Time and time again, we are taught that true religion and the real offerings that we have to give to the Lord are lying deep within our hearts.  The devil himself is quick and cunning to have us make our religion, our faith, and our walk with Christ depend upon all kinds of other issues.  We can take circumcision.  We can look to deeds.  We can make the world of our doctrinal stand.  Offerings are important, but what kinds count the most?  Who will we need to know when it is our turn to pass through into eternity?  Will we know the One Who shed His blood for us?  Will He greet us with a familiar voice that we have pointedly learned to trust and to follow?  Will God recognize us as the ones who stood by Jesus´ side and walked along with all through this journey we call life?

Dear Lord,

Forgive us our failures and our limitations.  Teach us through them to lean upon You!  Let us draw so close to You now, that what counts in our hearts is really Yours, we pray!


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