To Be Known

To Be Known

But the man who loves God is known by God.  1st Corinthians 8:3  NIV

A family once packed up their things to move to the mission fields.  Many decisions needed to be made about what to sell and what to take.  Some friends of the family who had recently been converted to Christianity were happy to move into their house and arrange to buy it off of them.  They would even keep and look after the dog which was loved by all.  But after the missionaries had gone, the new family was not faithful in their business dealings or their payments on the house.  In earthly eyes it seemed that evil had crept in and prevailed over good.  But God sees it all!

We all have a choice.  It is not a choice that we make in occasions where it suits us.  It is not something that we switch on and then never need to consider again.  It is a choice we make each day and in nearly every situation we face during the day.  It is the choice to love God and put Him before our dealings.  The man who says He loves God can be enticed into all kinds of earthly thinking.  But the people who truly press forward in their love for the Lord are known by Him.  These are the precious few who will one day live forever with God.  These are burning souls who choose to look to Christ no matter what is passing before their earthly eyes.  Do we love God?  Do we truly want to be known by Him?

Dear Lord,

Speak to our hearts today!  Tell them that we truly do love You over all else!  Let us burn with a desire after You and an utter devotion to You that rules all areas of our lives, we pray!



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