Spiritual Seeds

Spiritual Seeds

If we have sown spiritual seed among you, is it too much if we reap a material harvest from you?  1st Corinthians 9:11

The man bent down to help his little boy.  The child had found some sees on the sidewalk.  At preschool, the toddler had done an experiment with lentils.  Now his son wanted to plant these seeds at home.  So they found a small plastic cup and they wrapped the tiny seeds in cotton.  They moistened the cotton and set the cup in the kitchen.  Soon the boy had forgotten about the experiment.  But that was best.  Nothing ever grew and the cup was soon forgotten and throw in the trash.  Although the child was not rewarded by seeing his tiny seeds grow into a thriving tree or plant, his father hoped that seeds of kindness and love were planted in his child´s little heart.  He hoped his boy would remember him as a caring father who was there to spend time with him and help him?

Christians are like small children.  We need to recognize the care invested in us to help us grow and understand the movement of God.  Our learning process should teach us that our physical world is dependent upon the Spirit of God.  Our goals are not merely physical.  Spiritual seeds have been planted by our Father Who dwells in the spiritual realms.  Shall we pray that those seeds grow each day?  Shall we pray that something strong and vibrant springs from the spiritual seeds sown in us?  Shall we pray that an awareness of the Presence of God grows strong in us today?

Dear Lord,

Thank You for planting seeds of Your Spirit in us.  Help nourish those seeds until our lives are full of You, we pray!



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